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JPMorgan Chase has reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit from victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the bank announced Monday.

The financial institution has yet to release details regarding the “agreement in principle,” but it will shell out $290 million in payments to the victims, according a Reuters report. JPMorgan had been attempting to fend off the class action lawsuit for months.

While the statement did not reveal a settlement amount publicly, Reuters cited a “person familiar” with the agreement who said the bank would pay roughly $290 million. The payment will go out to roughly 100 women who were victims of Epstein’s.

The agreement comes weeks after JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon sat for a deposition with lawyers for the victims. The lawsuit alleged the bank had repeatedly ignored warnings that Epstein has involved in the sex trafficking of young women and girls.

Dimon testified that he played no part in handling Epstein’s accounts with the bank.

Lawyers for Epstein’s victims filed a request to interview Dimon a second time last week. They claimed that the bank had dragged its feet in producing further documents that would have changed their initial questioning of Dimon.

In a letter to Judge Jed Rakoff, an attorney for the Epstein victim wrote that JPMorgan’s “untimely” and “inexplicably slow” delivery of documents was a strategic move.

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