Trump campaign attack ad uses stock images from Ukraine to depict Americans suffering under Biden - New York Post

Yevhen Shkolenko, the owner of the company that produced the basement imagery, told The Post that it doesn’t show a frustrated American, but actually depicts a Ukrainian man in 2022, after the Russian invasion.

The man pictured sitting on a beanbag-style chair was an actor, but the image captured the reality of a people living amid frequent air raid sirens, the photo firm owner said.

“This video was made 100% in Ukraine during war in real sheltered basement in my city Zaporizhzhya, which is 40 km (25 miles) of front line,” Shkolenko said. “We were one of those who stayed in our city to help people and the army and we continued our work of filming and when we were doing this filming, we went down to the basement many times in order to hide from rocket fire.”

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